Alison is a self-made businesswoman and attorney, who has shown up powerfully for children and the community for the last three decades. She desires to bring her life, legal, policy and volunteer experience to Sacramento for progressive solutions.

Alison is the middle of five 2nd-gen sisters, all of whom put themselves through the Jesuit St. Louis University, in St. Louis, Missouri. Both her grandparents immigrated from Ireland, and Alison is a supporter of Dreamers & immigration reform: America is not out of opportunity.

Alison’s father was in the U.S. Air Force; she was born in Canada and grew up all over the U.S. and world, including Guam. She qualifies for 3 passports–U.S., Canada & Ireland, but is a true California girl, having raised her 2 boys their whole lives here, a Millennial & Gen Z. We learn so much from our amazing kids. She moved locally with them often, always being a renter.

Alison graduated with a dual degree in Journalism & French in St. Louis, and moved to NYC during the tragic Tiananmen Square Summer of 1989. From the day after the brutal crackdown on democracy protesters, Alison was aware of Nancy Pelosi and her dedication to human rights and holding China accountable. The next year Nancy would be her Congresswoman when she arrived in S.F., and her daughter was in Alison’s law class. Though identifying as progressive, Alison is proud of the big tent democrats bring to policy solutions.

Our family church in Ireland, with the altar paid for by my grandparents.

After graduating from U.C. Hastings College of the Law with distinctions and awards in 1993, shortly after V.P. Harris, Alison started her career as a senior lawyer in high-growth Silicon Valley technology companies, while raising her 2 boys as a single mom. She was a serial member of top-flight executive and management teams, and the companies she worked for became the HP software unit, among other notable acquisitions. Outside of work, she committed nearly all her time to community and youth activities in Redwood City and Woodside, including leadership roles in Little League, Boy Scouts (signed the Scouting for Equality pledge) and school, sports & music activities.

For the past 10 years Alison has run her own law office, and advocated for affordable housing, for California Relocation Act benefits for displacement, for homes at every income level and as a tenant and judicial reform advocate. She is a nonprofit officer and director. Alison would be honored to represent the working families of AD21 in Sacramento.