Alison’s Platform and Priorities

Alison is a progressive democrat who works well “across the aisle” with the entire spectrum and is proud of the ‘big tent’ the Democratic Party has achieved. 

Alison’s dad was a conservative Republican, mom a liberal Democrat; they met and married at Catholic colleges in Massachusetts, and both parents served God, family, and country, her dad being in the USAF and a great #girldad to 5 girls.

In high school, Alison and her father would “clip” op-ed columns and articles from print newspapers and leave them back and forth on the fridge with magnets, him from conservative columnists and Alison usually from the Atlanta Constitution.

Alison learned all good-faith opinions can be discussed and respected, even if a firm position must be taken on a given Priority, vote, or resolution.

She would be collegial in Sacramento, seeking solutions across the political spectrum.

The Priorities of her Platform are:

Housing Action, to get all Californians in safe shelter immediately and encourage and achieve not just housing at all affordability levels, but homeownership.

Alison would act swiftly and continuously to enable, incent and require a wide range of flexible, safe housing options: from tiny home lots & parcels to safe shelters, RV/camp lots, and house-boat marinas, all while encouraging the development and building of units at all levels of affordability, emphasizing homes over rentals. She would fight for home purchase programs, a public bank, and increased tenant protections. Alison supports the building trades in all aspects.

Climate Action, to restore greenhouse gases to pre-industrial levels, for youth programs, and for green jobs, and for alternative energy and vehicles/e-bikes, guided by indigenous values

Alison would sponsor effective measures to restore greenhouse gases to pre-industrial levels. She would fight for green union jobs, a green youth corps, and consumer incentives to purchase alternative energy vehicles & e-bikes. She supports underwriting public transport, and equity for the poor, working-class, and communities of color to ensure safety from waste & pollution.

Repeal of Cal. Constitution Art. 34 (1950 Prop. 10), which blocks public affordable housing units

Alison would continue efforts, with the realtors association, which desires to reverse its position on Article 34, enacted in 1950 as Prop. 10, and blocks public financing of affordable units.

Economic Recovery, support for working families, consumers, SMBs, public bank

Alison would be a voice for working families, consumers, and small businesses, and work to provide stimulus, rent relief, transitional assistance, and job growth that includes and benefits the poor and middle class. All corporations and income levels should pay their fair share. Alison prioritizes fully-funded school budgets, student safety, and generous pay for teachers.

Mental Health, Addiction, and Crime, by investing in real solutions for treatment and updating public outreach, public assistance, and job training programs, together with due process conservatorship as warranted.

California has overinvested in a prison infrastructure, without investing in restorative justice, diversion, work furlough, restitution, and mental health and addiction treatment. Job training and assistance programs are outdated, based on policies and funding from the 1980s. Alison would modernize them for a safety net, and also supports due-process conservatorship as warranted.

Reducing Poverty & Homelessness, by updating public outreach, public assistance, and job training programs, together with due process conservatorship as warranted

Alison would be a consistent and strong advocate for our children, for teachers, to ensure school safety, for reproductive freedom, for the marginalized & targeted, and for animals

Eviction Reform, by reforming eviction law & representation, relocation benefits

Alison would sponsor a desperately needed revision to eviction law, with guaranteed representation and rational response times that reflect the modern housing market and reality. She would strengthen the Cal. Relocation Assistance Act, and ensure cities and counties are required to adhere to planning and compensation of persons displaced by development.

Judicial Reform, by funding community policing, prevention & restorative justice

On this issue with sometimes entrenched opposition, it is essential to find common ground and work nonstop, both targeted and over-arching, to fully revise our judicial system.

Wildfire Preparedness, by bringing funding and action under a united approach

Alison supports coordinated and unified funding for statewide firefighting, as well as placing the strategy and approach to response and action in a unified team.

Education/School Safety; Choice; Racial Equity; Animal Rights, by being a voice for children, teachers, reproductive freedom, the marginalized & targeted, and animals