San Mateo County Voter Guide
June 7, 2022 Primary

Alison Madden: Attorney/Tenant Advocate, Age: 57

As a single mom working full-time for over 2 decades, I am postured to provide real solutions to working single parents and families. While in a demanding career, I raised 2 children, one with special needs, both of them attending public schools. Thankfully, “It Takes a Village” helped me greatly. Safe child care, guaranteed health care, funding education for success, and reducing gun violence are essential for our children.

I put myself through college and law school, and am a proud second-generation American, my dad a first-gen with both parents immigrating from Ireland. I know the value and experience of hard work, yet have experienced living paycheck to paycheck, with the prospect of homeownership elusive. This has made me a vocal advocate for tenants, housing as a human right, and the ideal of safe, affordable homes for all ages.

I am also a knowledgeable and persistent advocate for those denied a voice at the policy level. This includes targeted justice reform, while ensuring public safety, by moving toward restorative justice and sustainable alternatives to jail and prison for non-violent offenders, with a focus on incarceration conditions, especially for women in San Mateo County. I will protect reproductive freedom.

I am an integral member of a working climate impact group, with a proposal for jobs and incentives for green public and private transportation. I gathered all the papers and signatures for my candidacy while riding my e-bike and would work for credits for e-bikes and other vehicles to achieve greener transportation.